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Features a straightforward and concise resource for introductory statistical concepts, methods, and techniques using R Understanding and Applying Basic Statistical Methods Using R uniquely bridges the gap between advances in the statistical literature and methods routinely used by non-statisticians. Providing a conceptual basis for understanding the relative merits and applications of these methods, the book features modern insights and advances relevant to basic techniques in terms of dealing with non-normality, outliers, heteroscedasticity (unequal variances), and curvature. Featuring a guide to R, the book uses R programming to explore introductory statistical concepts and standard methods for dealing with known problems associated with classic techniques. Thoroughly class-room tested, the book includes sections that focus on either R programming or computational details to help the reader become acquainted with basic concepts and principles essential in terms of understanding and applying the many methods currently available. Covering relevant material from a wide range of disciplines, Understanding and Applying Basic Statistical Methods Using R also includes: Numerous illustrations and exercises that use data to demonstrate the practical importance of multiple perspectives Discussions on common mistakes such as eliminating outliers and applying standard methods based on means using the remaining data Detailed coverage on R programming with descriptions on how to apply both classic and more modern methods using R A companion website with the data and solutions to all of the exercises Understanding and Applying Basic Statistical Methods Using R is an ideal textbook for an undergraduate and graduate-level statistics courses in the science and/or social science departments. The book can also serve as a reference for professional statisticians and other practitioners looking to better understand modern statistical methods as well as R programming. Rand R. Wilcox, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Southern California, Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, and an associate editor for four statistics journals. He is also a member of the International Statistical Institute. The author of more than 320 articles published in a variety of statistical journals, he is also the author eleven other books on statistics. Dr. Wilcox is creator of WRS (Wilcox’ Robust Statistics), which is an R package for performing robust statistical methods. His main research interest includes statistical methods, particularly robust methods for comparing groups and studying associations.
Макаров С. (ред.) Эконометрика базовый уровень Econometrics basic level Учебное Пособие basic econometrics methods
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Hengqing Tong Developing Econometrics basic econometrics methods
Rand Wilcox R. Understanding and Applying Basic Statistical Methods Using R basic econometrics methods
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Jean Dubé Spatial Econometrics using Microdata basic econometrics methods
Manoj Parakhia, R.S. Tomar, B.A. Golakiya Overview of Basic Tools and Methods for Genetic Engineering basic econometrics methods
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Discourse basic econometrics methods
100% Original SUNLINE BASIC FC 225M/300M Transparent Color Carbon Fiber Fishing Line Suitable for Many Fishing Methods basic econometrics methods
Герасимов Алексей Николаевич, Громов Евгений Иванович, Скрипниченко Юрий Сергеевич, Молчаненко Станислав Александрович Эконометрика (базовый уровень). Econometrics (basic level). Учебное пособие basic econometrics methods
Е. Капустина,Алексей Герасимов,Евгений Громов,Юрий Скрипниченко,С. Молчаненко,М. Барсуков Econometrics: Basic Level / Эконометрика. Базовый уровень. Учебное пособие basic econometrics methods
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